Ariya Lorenz

About Author

Ariya Lorenz has been a confidante and healer for other professional master healers of the world including Hawaiian Kahuna, Shamans and Healers.

For the past 14 years, Ariya has been performing over 1,000 energy sessions per year, altogether almost 15,000 sessions.

She has been helping her clients experience extraordinary life transformations with her advanced energy work.

Her clients range from high-performance athletes, entrepreneurs and corporate executives as well as schools, businesses, children, animals and people who have never worked with a healer before.

She lives a life of abundance, beauty, health, divine purpose, and love with an absolutely beautiful family. In short, Ariya can teach you exactly how to alchemize your dream life, effectively and efficiently across all spheres of your life.

She helps to bridge this world and the invisible realm for individuals between life and death, and supports a safe return to this world if it’s not their time to leave or a safe journey into the light, if it is.

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