Candi Block

About Author

Hi! I'm Candi. A Midwest native (Hoosier at heart), that's married to a proud Wisconsin boy (Is there such a thing as a Wisconsin native that doesn't love everything WI?). We're Seattle-based now, and love the PNW. Having mountains nearby to ski in the winter definitely helps. I'm a sucker for a good flea market, farmer's market, or street fair. There's just something about walking around outside and shopping that makes my heart happy. And when it's a dog friendly market, it's even better because our English Mastiff, Whooper, gets to join. She's the cutest puppy in the world (I'm not biased, clearly). When we're not in Seattle, we're probably travelling internationally. Our goal is to visit a new country every year, and we're always up for a new adventure!

I began Thrifty Events in 2015 after planning events for the University of Washington. My specialty has always been planning creatively on a budget, which made for a smooth transition to helping couples plan a unique wedding day with limited spending, and doing so in an organized fashion. Planning on a budget can be hard, but it gets a lot easier when you have a step by step guide that covers the basics of event planning along with wedding industry specific knowledge.

If you're excited about wedding planning, but feel like you could use a little guidance, then Wedding Building Blocks was created for you! After years of planning and coordinating with engaged couples, I began to see the trends in the questions they were asking, and have always loved being their trusted sounding board to go to with questions. I made this course to help you, too, get through the process of wedding planning with ease, and I hope I can be your sounding board through the process, as well!