Dan Meadors & Eric Lambert

About Author

In 2011 Dan Meadors & Eric Lambert began selling on Amazon as a hobby with an original investment of only $600. They worked nights and weekends buying products on clearance at local retail stores and selling them on Amazon for a profit. It only took a few months before they saw the potential to turn this hobby into a business as they both left their day jobs to sell on Amazon full-time. Since then they have been able to generate over $20,000,000 in sales on Amazon through tireless work and the dedication to build something great.  

These days, Dan & Eric don't work nearly as hard as they used too, barely getting in a 40 hour week work between the two of them...and their Amazon business is doing better than ever. This is because they spent years developing their own unique system to take advantage of wholesale opportunities that allow their business to run, grow and flourish independently of them.

That system is called The Wholesale Formula.

Dan and Eric now accept students a couple times a year to teach them The Wholesale Formula, a blueprint of the exact steps they used to build their multi-million dollar Amazon business.