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Hi, we are Greg & Dierdra Lorenzo. We own a video production company based out of New Jersey, USA called "Lorenzo Media Productions". As a small husband and wife team, we are proud and humbled to say that we have been in business for 7 years producing a multiple 6 figure income filming weddings. If there is 1 thing that we attribute to our success over the years, hands down, it's the Luxury Style that we've been able to achieve. Once we perfected The Look, we entered into a high-end market and began to attract much different clientele. The inquiries started flowing in much more frequently and the wedding venue locations started to get nicer and nicer. Dierdra and I realized that the only thing we were doing differently was changing our Look. We modified our style to be moody and dramatic. This Look separated us from the marketplace and gave us a huge edge on all of the other average wedding filmmakers out there. We receive so many messages from filmmakers across the globe every week on how we achieve this look, so we decided to put in 7 months of hard work to build this course. We call it, "The Luxury Look"

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