Melissa Griffin

About Author

Hi. I’m your teacher, Melyssa Griffin!

And lest all these photos of happy, sunny me, playing in a happy, sunny workspace lead you to believe otherwise...

...I haven’t always had a successful business.

Just a few years ago, I was living in a 300-square-foot studio apartment. On a $30K/year income. From a soul-sucking day job where I didn’t feel valued.

And things.were.rough.

I remember ending each workday, feeling utterly deflated and defeated.

I remember discreetly checking my bank account while standing in checkout lines just to make sure my card wouldn’t get declined.

I remember starting an online business, hoping against all hope that I’d be able to use it to turn my life around.

At first, it felt like creating a successful business was a luxury afforded to only a few select people. (And I conveniently wasn't one of them.)

But then, when I had a mere 109 people on my email list, I sent out an email that briefly mentioned I was taking on new clients (this was back when I was a freelance graphic designer).