Ryan Mallory

About Author

I have traded stocks since the ripe, young age of 11 years old when my dad began teaching me about the financial markets. My success didn't happen overnight, and there were times when I doubted myself (actually a lot of times), but in the end, I fought through the difficult times to become a successful and consistently profitable trader.

For years, I have helped swing-traders find their niche in the stock market. Trading success can be found in the stock market, but it takes dedication to developing and honing in your trading strategy into a model that fits your personality and your abilities as a full time or part-time trader.

I founded SharePlanner back in 2007, and since then it has become a haven for traders to learn how to trade in the stock market and to do so successfully. I have witnessed many traders over the last 10+ years find success and to exponentially increase their confidence as it pertains to successful stock trading.

It is my goal and my passion to continue helping traders and to trade for myself as well. It is truly the greatest job ever!